The Pole-zing Ethos

Pole-zing is a holistic way of linking mind and body to improve your overall well-being.

At Pole-zing everyone should feel comfortable with themselves whilst doing the exercises. There is no judgment made on what shape you are in or what gear you are wearing. We strive towards a better life through a fitter you.

The instructors will lead the exercises in a positive and stimulating way. They will make you aware of your surroundings - the sights, sounds and colours - encourage and listen to you and help you feel good about yourself and the work that you are doing.

At times there can be sensitivities with people who - for whatever reason - feel too self-conscious or dislike gym-based activities, or with those who are recuperating after injury or illness. We also recognise that some people like to be more private and others need the stimulating and socialising effect of small groups.

As daily life can be serious and heavy enough, we make sure that Pole-zing is fun!