What Others Have Said...

A Healthy Option “Corinne Corbett-Thompson has come up with a new, stimulating, satisfying and serious way of exercising. All your important muscle groups will be strengthened and toned, and your heart and lungs will have a good workout too. Pole-zing is outdoors, safe and effective, and just what your doctor should order!”  Dr Mark Reynolds MBE MRCGP (General Practitioner, Coxheath)

Pole-zing helped lower my blood pressure! “I had a stratospheric blood pressure (210/120) which had been brought down to 190/100 by medication. Still too high! My GP gave me the option of doubling my medication strength or taking brisk physical exercise. After six months of 1 hours of Pole-zing twice a week, my blood pressure was down to 130/95!”  Hilary Reeve (Collier Street)

Pole-zing: A Personal View    The great thing about Pole-zing is that it is a totally holistic form of exercise. It combines the best elements of an aerobic dance class with the more gentle aspects of Pilates or yoga, and manages to tone and uplift not only the body but the mind and spirit as well. It isn’t a lonely, boring form of exercise: you come together with like-minded people and get out into the fresh air. All your muscles are stretched and exercised, your circulation gets moving and you are made aware of how your body functions and how much better it feels if worked correctly. After a while you learn to incorporate the techniques you have learnt into your everyday life so that the benefits of the exercise extend beyond the limits of the ‘class’". Vanessa Nicolson (Sissinghurst)

 "I have found Pole-zing to be so versatile - excellent for those lacking in confidence or those who are weak, and those who want to fine tune their fitness outside in the fresh air. Of course, it is not just walking, it is the way which Corinne C Thompson patches short focussed groups of standing exercises into the journey which are pitched at the level of the individual's needs and abilities which lends such flexibility to the programme. As far as I have seen, walking with the poles gives remarkable stability and support to those who have found walking an unsteady activity. In addition, it provides upper body work simultaneously with the leg work; this means that the whole body becomes fit at the same rate while co-ordination and symmetry of movement develop steadily, much to the walker's astonishment! It is thrilling to watch someone who has been so undermined by their condition that they were afraid to go out for walks, gaining strength and confidence, seeing them become more adept at using the poles for their support and becoming more balanced and able in body use far beyond their expectations.  As you can see, I am a great fan of Corinne's work and can wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who would like to improve their fitness at any level, but in particular for those nervous of exercise for any reason"  Lizzie Spring (Osteopath, Kent)

I’ve never been fitter in my life, thanks to Pole-zing!  “Thanks to Pole-zing, I can honestly say I’ve never been fitter in my life. I am a keen rider and 20 years ago, if I rode for 5 hours at a time, I would be in agony for weeks with aching muscles. Now, having just turned 50, I can ride for 5 hours in one go without any stiffness or discomfort. It’s the best way to keep fit that I’ve found (and I have tried lots). Outside in the fresh air, in beautiful country side with like-minded people, not to mention dogs, it’s a complete work-out. It is de-stressing, energizing and completely uplifting”. Sue Brooks (Kent)