What is Pole-zing?

Pole-zing is a  complete outdoor exercise programme involving the use of two walking poles. In addition to the benefits of conventional walking, the use of poles in a balanced set of exercises will allow you to achieve an all-round body work-out, both physically and emotionally. The exercises can easily be adapted to suit all fitness levels and all ages, from those with specific problems to those who want to regain or maintain their fitness.

There are 3 parts to the programme: the first part concentrates on lots of stretching and mobilization; the next part works the cardiovascular system by performing different types of exercises as you move along, and the third part involves precise exercises to strengthen and tone specific areas of the body.

The programme efficiently works both upper and lower body, strengthening and toning your muscles and of particularly importance, strengthening the ‘core muscles’. With increased cardiovascular fitness the efficiency of your heart, lungs and circulatory system will improve.

During Pole-zing there is limited impact on knees, hips and ankles and therefore injuries are less likely to occur. Pole-zing will help develop co-ordination and balance, raise energy levels, improve quality of sleep and definitely to take some stress out of life!

Pole-zing will help you achieve YOUR personal goals.